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WP3: Scaling climate services data & model accessibility – Oasis HUB Ltd.

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In Work Package (WP3) (Scaling Climate Service Data & Model Accessibility – Oasis eMarket), we will further develop, launch and build successful market penetration of a global Catastrophic Risk and Adaptation eMarket currently named the Oasis Hub, which will also act as a gathering/meeting point and community for data and model developers and publishers, climate-related service providers as well as the global insurance, reinsurance and other significant user audiences (such as City and Regional Authorities, regional bodies, etc.).

  • Our 3 year objectives for the Oasis Hub are to establish the eMarket as the preferred, recognized best online portal/facility/community for the Catastrophic Risk and Adaptation audiences/markets.
  • To achieve this a high level of market credibility needs to be achieved as well as an achievement of the successful publishing over hundreds of global datasets and models (including a track record of strong ongoing numbers of sales/licensing of datasets and models but the user community)
  • By the end of 36 months, the objective is to have a proven business model that demonstrate revenues across 5+ specific revenue streams with annual revenues by year end 2019
  • In addition, the Oasis Hub needs to be viewed as a “market positive” connector and linkage across the full range of other non-profit or government data offerings


The Oasis Hub portal/eMarket is being delivered within the context of a new limited liability company called Oasis Hub Limited. This company has been established but will not trade until Q3 2017 once the Hub launches but its sole purpose is the operation of the Oasis Hub portal/eMarket. As such the description of work involved on the Oasis Hub involves not only the technical development and delivery of the portal/eMarket but also the development and delivery of all the other elements required for a successful market entry such as all of the necessary terms and conditions, licensing, subscription and ecommerce activities. In addition to this, there are model and data set quality assurance and advisory requirements as well as the ability to host and promote a range of other climate related services (e.g. educational webinars, consultancy.)

To find out more information on the new Oasis Hub follow this link: https://oasishub.co/

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