Oasis Innovation Hub for Catastrophe
and Climate Extremes Risk Assessment

WP3: Scaling climate services data & model accessibility – Oasis HUB Ltd.


In Work Package (WP3) (Scaling Climate Service Data & Model Accessibility – Oasis eMarket), we will further develop, launch and build successful market penetration of a global Catastrophic Risk and Adaptation eMarket currently named the Oasis Hub, which will also act as a gathering/meeting point and community for data and model developers and publishers, climate-related service providers as well as the global insurance, reinsurance and other significant user audiences (such as City and Regional Authorities, regional bodies, etc.).

  • The 3 year objectives for the Oasis Hub were to establish the eMarket as the preferred, recognized best online portal/facility/community for the Catastrophic Risk and Adaptation audiences/markets.
  • This was achieved through a high level of market credibility as well as an achievement of the successful publishing over hundreds of global datasets and models (including a track record of strong ongoing numbers of sales/licensing of datasets and models by the user community)
  • By the end of 36 months, the objective is to have a proven business model that demonstrate revenues across 5+ specific revenue streams with annual revenues by year end 2019
  • In addition, the Oasis Hub is viewed as a “market positive” connector and linkage across the full range of other non-profit or government data offerings


Oasis Hub is now a legally constituted and fully functioning eMarketplace, with sales infrastructure, customer databases (GDPR considered) and data & tool infrastructure fully implemented.

The Hub has accrued a membership of over 1740+ members from a range of sectors including: insurance and reinsurance, banking and investment, building, engineering and consultancies, ICT and academia. We have over 1800 data sets and tools available for download and have had over 3900 free datasets downloaded. Oasis Hub has developed a reseller service for organisations seeking to commercialise their data or tools and can provide commercialisation consultancy in this respect. As well as this we can now provide services in data aggregation for companies seeking multiple suitable datasets and tools for their climate risk assessment and adaptation and resilience planning. We have also achieved our first sales in data, bespoke portals and data aggregation consultancy.

Our user analytics on the eMarket place show Oasis Hub has had over 46, 925 visitors and 250,153 page views from 206 countries, from 5568 global cities since the beginning of the H2020_Insurance project (as on 13/10/2020). We have an expanding, active social media following of over 3500 followers and a newsletter membership of over 1040 people and regularly conduct climate data and tools awareness webinars with our networks. Thus, we have been very successful in building a collaboration network of thousands of climate science users.

In the future, Oasis Hub seeks to continue building the Oasis Hub into the first major eMarket place for climate science data and tools and is open to any academic, public sector or commercial organisation with climate data and tools who seek to disseminate and exploit them to wider public and commercial sector audiences. Likewise, we seek to fulfil our core mission which is ‘‘to become the world’s leading provider of data, software, tools, services and models that will enable climate change, environmental and catastrophe risk assessments and climate adaptation and resilience planning by the public and private sector, creating greater resilience in the future."

To find out more information on the Oasis Hub follow this link: https://oasishub.co/

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