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Oasis Hub Webinar Series 2019 - #2: Understanding wildfire risk and managing risk for resilient forests - Marc Chiappero & Celine Deandreis

The second webinar of the Oasis Hub Community Webinar series will be brought to you by Marc Chiappero, Director-General, Aria Technologies, Brazil and Celine Deandreis – Climatology Scientist, Aria Technologies, France.

Webinar 2/6 Date & Time: Friday 18th October 2019 @ 11 am BST – 11.45 am BST Duration: 45 minutes

Webinar Topic: Understanding wildfire risk and managing risk for resilient forests: RISK FP, a web tool to simulate realistic fire disaster scenarios and wildland urban interface fire propagation at high resolution

How to start using these tools

Panel: Marc Chiappero, Director-General @ Aria Technologies, Brazil Marc Chiappero is an economist with a Master's Degree in International Management by the University of Rennes, France and is also a holder of an MBA in Management of the industrial processes and quality by the FGV Foundation based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With more than 20 years of experience managing environment-related activities for both the industry and the public sector, he is now the General Manager of ARIA do Brasil and a member of the board of directors of ARIA Technologies. He has been involved in structuring major air quality and climate change projects both on the American continent but also in Europe. Marc is a member of the Oasis Innovation Hub for Climate Extremes Risk Assessment (H2020_Insurance) Project, developing forest fire and resilience tools.

Céline Deandreis, Climatology Scientist @ Aria Technologies, France A specialist in climate services for water and energy sectors. From 2007 to 2011, Celine leads a team at IPSL to identify and develop regional climate information for local operators of these sectors. Her work included analysis of user requests; communication on climate practices/tools/methods; climate expertise, development of tailor-made indicators, downscaling and processing of climate information, vulnerability assessment.

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