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Report - Insurance Design Workshop - WP 2.2.2

A report on insurance product design with insurers through meetings and workshops with relevant re-insurance stakeholders and organisations that reach out to large numbers of small holder farmers in East Africa, to target relevant end-users.

This report gives an overview of the three most relevant insurance design workshops to date as well as outcomes, being:

  1. Collaboration with Re-Insurer Munich Re & GAF AG (Series of 4 Meetings) (June 27th 2017, October 24th 2017, November 10th 2017, April 11th 2018, Munich Re, GAF AG, Munich)
  2. Communication of Insurance to East African audiences (ACRE Africa, Mediae, Vision Fund International, July 28th 2017, Nairobi)
  3. Mapping Tool Implementation through local insurer (Pula Advisors, March 2 nd 2018, Nairobi)

Authors: Christoph Gornott, Sophia Rottmann, Sha Lu, Christian Köhler, Marie-Claire Ten Veldhuis, Nick Van De Giesen, Axel Relin, Fred Hattermann

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