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Original Research Article - Simulation of Flood Hazard and Risk in the Danube Basin with the Future Danube Model - WP 2.1.1

Original Research Article for Climate Services Journal

Authors: Fred F. Hattermanna, Michel Wortmann, Stefan Liersch , Ralf Toumi, Nathan Sparks, Christopher Genillard, Kai Schröter, Max Steinhausen, Miklós Gyalai-Korpos, Kinga Máté, Ben Hayes, María del Rocío Rivas López, Tibor Rácz, Marie R. Nielsen, Per S. Kaspersen, Martin Drews

Reference: Hattermann, F.F., Wortmann, M., Liersch, S., Toumi, R., Sparks, N., Genillard, C., Schröter, K., Steinhausen, M., Gyalai-Korpos, M., Máté, K. and Hayes, B., 2018. Simulation of flood hazard and risk in the Danube basin with the Future Danube Model. Climate Services, 12, pp.14-26.

Journal Information: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/climate-services

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