Oasis Innovation Hub for Catastrophe
and Climate Extremes Risk Assessment

Benefits of the Project

Woman farmer, carrying a baby

In  H2020_Insurance,  we  will  carry  out  participatory  research  co-designed  and  evaluated  by  end-users  from different  sectors.  While  our  focus  is  on  the  insurance  industry,  we  see  immediate  and  long-term  benefits  for decision  makers  and  stakeholders  in  many  other  sectors.  Implementing  a  micro-insurance  system  in  Sub-Saharan  Africa,  for  example,  is  discussed  as  being  one  of  the  most  relevant  measures  to  increase  financial independence,  food  security  and  livelihood  of  millions  of  small  farmers  and  their  families in  Africa  and  beyond. And this concerns especially women, who carry out most of the field work. Also, better understanding of climate risks  will  help  to  improve  adaptation  and  resilience,  to  decrease  severe  impacts  on  vulnerable  people  and  to improve insurance offers or create new ones.

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