Cross sector climate services through collaboration between the insurance sector, academia and research

Horizon 2020_Insurance

Architecture diagram

1. Risk model integration into Oasis framework and standart

2. Demonstrating the added value of climate services in the insurance sector and beyond

  • 2.1.1.

    Danube regional Multi-hazard, Multi-risk Model

  • 2.1.2.

    Risk assessment, vulnerability functions and Exposure

  • 2.1.3.

    Support for large scale investments in infrastructure and climate resilience

  • 2.2.1.

    Typhoon Climate Service

  • 2.2.2.

    Agricultural micro-insurance

  • 2.3.1.

    Climate services for the health sector

  • 2.3.2.

    Forest demonstrator

3. Scaling climate services data & model accessibility – Oasis Hub Ltd.

4. Oasis Innovation Communication Hub

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